2014 Summer Project Week:Subject hierarchy integration

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Key Investigators

  • Csaba Pinter, Queen's
  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Kitware
  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Andras Lasso, Queen's

Project Description

The new Subject hierarchy module and mechanism has been integrated into Slicer core recently, but has some issues and requests that need to be fixed.



  • Finalize the Subject hierarchy module and mechanism, fix outstanding issues and bugs

Approach, Plan

  • Collect feedback; Please come and find me (Csaba) if you have
    • used it and have any comments
    • a special data type which needs a role plugin to be implemented
    • a feature that would need to have a simplified workflow and can be supported by a function plugin
  • Go through the non-trivial items on the list with the core group and make decisions
  • Implement fixes and changes, do testing


  • Subject hierarchy plugins in python - discussion with Jc and Steve: use adaptor class and signals/slots or create a scripted wrapper class with setPythonSource
  • Subject hierarchy UI bugs (collapse, disappear, reorder) - discussion with Julien and Jc: write unit test with simple tree view, populate and reproduce without the bulky subclassed widgets
  • Use cases
    • Andriy
      • Seg.Obj support is added in Reporting
      • Reporting workflows to be supported
      • Add Longitudinal PET-CT SH support
    • Hans & crew (Dave, Jessica)
      • Huntington's QA procedure, needed plugins TBD
    • Sonia
      • Laurent: new node added automatically under selected SH node?
      • Plugins to add
        • SceneView - Load scene view
        • Segmentation - Go to Editor module for volumes