2014 Summer Project Week:TMJOA

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Key Investigators

  • UNC: Francois Budin, Beatriz Paniagua
  • Michigan: Lucia Cevidanes
  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin, Alex Yarmarkovich
  • Kitware: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper

Project Description


  • Find what is available in Slicer and what needs to be added to Slicer as Extensions or directly in the core of Slicer to accomplish the goal of this grant.

Approach, Plan

  • Meetings with all the people involved in this project to get inputs and advice on what Slicer offers.


  • Organization of the necessary work for this grant:
    • SPHARM-PDM as well as ModelToModelDistance are already available in Slicer as extensions. Distance to corresponding points has to be added to ModelToModelDistance.
    • Improving the display of continuous scalar fields on mesh surfaces. The work that has been done is great but there is the necessity of adding the possibility to change the scale of the color bar to allow a similar experience as in ShapePopulationViewer.
    • Cropping meshes: Design of a project to crop surfaces loaded in Slicer using the plane clipping information already available in Slicer. This allows to not have to re-implement any interaction with the MRML scene as everything that is necessary to move and visualize the clipping planes is already implemented.
    • ROI picking on a model: Design of a project that will create an ROI on the surface of a model loaded in Slicer based on a fiducial and a radius chosen by the user. It will then be possible to compute regional statistics on this ROI.
    • Fiducial on surface: Reflection about the addition in Slicer of the possibility to constrain the motion of a fiducial on a surface. This would imply modifying the core of Slicer. This was available in Slicer3, and it is possible to add this in Slicer4, but may not be necessary for this grant.
    • Reflection on the creation of a new extension in Slicer to compute Distance Weighted Discrimination (DWD) statistics for models. This extension might eventually be necessary for this grant but the currently available pieces of software that could be used to conduct this project faster are under the GPL license and therefore may not be integrated as a Slicer extension in the current Slicer store.