2014 Summer Project Week:Tumor DCE-MRI Segmentation

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Key Investigators

  • Vivek Narayan
  • Jayender Jagadeesan

Project Description

SegmentCAD module for Slicer (openCAD Extension): Segmentation of Breast Tumors from DCE-MRI images.


  • Add support for DCE-MRI data-sets with more than 4 post-contrast time-points and for 4D Multi-Volume images.
  • Implement more sophisticated algorithms for noise reduction
  • Add features for intuitive analysis of segmented tumor.

Approach, Plan

  • Multiple node input through a dialog box.
  • Use established SegmentCAD module framework to test algorithms to optimize segmentation.
  • Add GUI features to manually adjust settings and quickly visualize different segmentation outputs.


  • Segmentation for DCE-MRI data-sets with 1 pre-contrast image and 4 post-contrast time-points.
  • Segmentation label map further segments tumor-class voxels based on slope ranges of the wash-out curve (persistent, plateau, or washout).
  • Interactive graphing of voxel intensity over time at cursor location, and 3D volume rendering of segmentation label map.