2014 Summer Project Week:Tumor Heterogeneity Analysis

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Key Investigators

  • Vivek Narayan
  • Jayender Jagadeesan

Project Description

HeterogeneityCAD module for Slicer (openCAD Extension): Quantify the heterogeneity of Breast tumors and their parameter maps through several classes of metrics.


  • Create a Slicer module to analyze a segmented tumor and its parameters maps (i.e. k-trans values from DCE-MRI).
  • Implement known metrics to extract feature data
  • Draft a framework to export, visualize, and compare information among cases

Approach, Plan

  • Design a Slicer module using python and numpy
  • Research and implement various classes of metrics and features: i.e., first-order statistics, morphology/shape, fractal dimensions, geometrical measures, texture-based features


  • Implementing geometric measures and features derived from texture matrices, while researching new metrics.