2014 Summer Project Week:UpdateBRAINSTools

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Key Investigators

  • IOWA: Hans, Dave, Kent
  • Kitware: JC
  • NLM: Brad
  • Various NAMIC team members

Project Description


  • Update Slicer build to include BRAINSTools based on ITKv4 registration framework
  • Ensure all BRAINSTools regression tests pass in the Slicer environment
  • Test ITK thread pool implementation in Slicer build
  • ITKv4 registation in SimpleITK

Approach, Plan

  • Write Tests, Write Code, Drink Coffee, Sleep (Optional)
  • Repeat


  • Create new GUI layout for DWIConvert based on user feedback (Thanks Sonia!)
  • Successfully update nightly BRAINSTools in Slicer
    • Now using the ITKv4 registration framework
    • Update Slicer to ITK release candidate.
  • Convert Toews Feat
    • Put it in github
    • Convert image IO to ITK
    • Convert Transform formats to ITK compliant
    • Convert command line interface to SlicerExecutionModel
    • Compliant with ITK Image and ITK Transform file interfaces.