2014 Summer Project Week: ColorBar support

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Demo of Color Scalar Bar

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Alireza Mehrtash, Andrey Fedorov
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Kevin Wang
  • Kitware: JC

Project Description

Support for color scale bar in slice views can be very helpful in many cases such as when 3D Slicer is used to create figures for academic publications ([1] and [2]). Currently color scale visualization is only available in 3D viewer and it is not very useful as the numbers associated with colors are not the actual image pixel values but they are numbers of the individual colors in the lookup table (LUT). There was a previous effort to include color scale bar in SlicerRT [3]. The goal of this project is to add the support of color bar for 2D slice views in 3D Slicer Core.


  • Support of color scale bar for 2D slice views.

Approach, Plan

  • Study the latest related changes and improvements in VTK6.
  • Discuss about the functionality and UI design.
  • Add color scalar bar widget to 2D sliceview.


  • We added the support for color scalar bar to the slice view annotations script.
  • The color scalar bar is sensitive to window/level changes and update the color lookup table range based on W/L of the current slice node.
  • We are going to migrate and refactor the code from slice view annotations script to vtkMRMLSliceNode class.