2014 Summer Project Week: Volume Registration

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics, Inc.
  • Greg Sharp, MGH
  • Jim Miller, GE
  • Marcel Prastawa, GE

Project Description

Work through outstanding issues related to the Volume Registration module (developed under the name 'Landmark Registration')


  • Get the module in good shape for the 4.4 release
  • Make sure the plugin architecture has all the right features
  • Review the other possible plugins that would be good to develop


  • Added ability to trigger registration when mouse is released, not just on mouse move
  • Added test data for MR/US registration
  • Worked with Plastimatch team on hybrid b-spline registration
  • TODO:
    • Block off time to finish working on these bugs before the 4.4 release :)