2014 Summer Project Week Breakout Session:SlicerExtensions

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Presenters: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Steve Pieper

Slides source available here: https://github.com/jcfr/namic_projectweek_2014-06-23_slicerextensions_talk

Slides pdf available here: namic_projectweek_2014-06-23_slicerextensions_slides.pdf


A Slicer extension is a "package" bundling together one or more Slicer modules. Extensions can easily be installed using an "AppStore-like" interface known as the Extensions manager.

Slicer supports three types of modules. While the developer has to choose between one of the three types to implement its module, the end user won't notice the difference as they all share the same look & feel. The choice for a given type of module is usually based on the type of inputs/parameters for a given module.


This presentation consists of an interactive demonstration of the creation of a python extension followed by a presentation of the overall extension infrastucture. (Jc, 50 minutes)

Next Steps

Pointers to resources for developing the functionality of scripted, loadable, and CLI modules. (Steve, 10 minutes)

Attendee Preparation