2014 Winter Project Week:Constrain Fiducial along Suface

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin
  • University of Michigan: Vinicius Boen

Project Description


  • Create a development plan for constrain a fiducial to move only along a surface for Slicer4.

Approach, Plan

  • Explorer how it was done for Slicer3 in the Measurements module and the best way it could be done in order to have it implemented for Slicer4.


  • During the talk with Nicole Aucoin we walked through the code already written in Slicer3, the Measurements module. She showed how it was done and what would be needed to have it implemented into Slicer4.
  • Things to be done:
    • Add the model ID into vtkMRMLMarkupsNode()
    • The vtkPolygonalSurfacePointPlacer needs to add the markupsDisplayableManager3D
    • Get the vtkProp *prop can be trick
    • There's already a widget in Slicer3, inside vtkSlicerWidgetClass.cxx has the vtkPolygonalSurfacePointPlacer, so the markups will be managing it.