2015 Winter Project Week:DICOM Module Improvements

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Key Investigators

  • Alireza Mehrtash, BWH
  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH
  • Ron Kikinis, BWH
  • Steve Pieper, Isomics

Project Description


  • Study and try to fix some of the known bugs in Slicer DICOM Module to improve usability of DICOM browser.

Approach, Plan

  • Sort order for DICOM browser content by most recent [1]
  • Populating of DICOM browser tables after start-up [2]
  • Remove single series of an exam in the DICOM browser [3]


  • We took a look at the ctkDICOMDatabase schema. The schema organized according the the DICOM standard hierarchy Patient/ Study/ Series/ Images. On event of adding dicom object to database for every image object insertTimeStamp is stored in the database. One suggested design would be to assign the insertTimeStamp of the first image of a specific series to the whole correspondent series and add a column to the series table which provides the option for user to sort the table based on the insert time. For studies and patients tables columns can be add that shows the latest time instance of the last added series and study respectively. This probably requires changing the database schema and changes in ctkDICOMBrowser.