2015 Winter Project Week:RemoveITKv3Compatibility

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Key Investigators

  • Bradley Lowekamp (MSC/NLM)
  • Han Johnson (University of Iowa)
  • Bill Lorensen (Noware)
  • JC

Project Description

To enable support of large images ( >4GB ) on MS Windows the ITKv3 compatibility flag needs to be removed.

This flag can now be disabled by default after announcing on the mailing list, and allowing extensions maintainer time to update the extensions.


  • Evaluate the number of number of modules that are dependent on the ITKv3 Compatibility flag.

Approach, Plan

  • Look into the difference between the ITK's v3 Compatibility module and the deprecated, to determine if one can be enabled.
  • Build Slicer with Slicer_ITKV3_COMPATIBILITY OFF, and compile extensions against.


  • Successfully compiles Slicer core with the Slicer_ITKV3_COMPATIBILITY flag set to off.
  • Built the entire ExtensionsIndex against Slicer without compatibility.
  • Searched for the extensions with ITK related compilation errors:
    • ABC
    • DTIAtlasBuilder
    • ErodeDilateLabel
    • houghTransformCLI
    • LASegmenter
    • MABMIS
    • PkModeling
    • SegmentationAidedRegistration
    • SkullStripper
    • EMSegmenter
  • All extensions have been notified of the changes needed to be make
    • Patches were generated for many extensions and pull requests place in Github.
    • Some maintainers were directly contacted to update