2015 Winter Project Week:SlicerModelGlyphs

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Francois Budin, UNC

Project Description


  • Determine what model visualization features should be supported in Slicer for TMJ-OA use cases

Approach, Plan

  • Identify sample data
  • Discuss the use-cases and missing pieces
  • Discuss how this fits with over development priorities


  • Decided that the Shape Population Viewer extension already has many specific visualization features and is better suited for many of the TMJ-OA use cases
  • Development time for now is better spent on other TMJ-OA priorities and we determined that creating a custom clinician-oriented interface is a higher priority.
  • Work with Francois and Jc to discuss how a custom interface can be integrated in a slicer extension