2015 Winter Project Week: Benchtop Nuerosurgery

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Jim Miller, GE

Project Description


  • Develop a plan for a benchtop neurosurgery phantom system.
  • Hardware
    • TeleMed MicrUs USB US scanner and probe
    • NDI tracker
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (US)
    • Mac Book Pro (Slicer)
    •  ? video cameras
    • Phantom
  • Software
    • TeleMed US API
    • PLUS
    • OpenIGTLink
    • Slicer

Approach, Plan

  • Consider all the components to see how to optimize integration and learn the most from the experiments
  • Review options for Phantom
    • Life-like or purely abstract?
    • US compatible material options
    • Calibration?
    • Sterilization option for intra-op confirmation?
    • Human factors task to perform (to confirm closed-loop visualization)


  • MicrUS system has been purchased and shipped, and is currently passing through customs
  • Initial discussions with PLUS team for coordinated work
    • Planning for working meeting in Boston to integrate MicrUs with PLUS
    • Planning to exploration TeleMed drivers and SDK
      • Digital image acquisition
      • Metadata access and control (Frequency, gain, ...)