2015 Winter Project Week: Multiframe DICOM

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH
  • Michael Onken, Open Connections / DCMTK

Project Description


  • Review progress on DICOM Enhanced Multiframe Object support in DCMTK
    • Segmentation Objects (see Iowa2DICOM)
    • Diffusion Profiles
    • Parametric Maps
    • Ultrasound Objects
    • Derived Objects
  • Review the options for a dcm2dcm tool
    • Convert legacy acquisitions to multiframe objects
    • Correctly encode derived objects

Approach, Plan

  • Try to build Slicer with latest DCMTK that includes Multiframe Object support
  • Try simple programs to exercise API


  • In-depth code and standard review during QIICR breakout session
    • dcmseg (seg==Segmentation), dcmiod (iod==Information Object Definition), dcmfg (fg==Functional Groups) libraries explored
    • prototype converters to/from nrrd for segentation objects
  • Identified issues with multiframe MR import in slicer
    • gdcm and dcmtk based readers in ITK cannot currently extract orientation/spacing from per-frame functional groups
    • plan is to look at fixing itkDCMTKImageIO once the version of DCMTK has dcmiod and dcmfg integrated
    • nearer-term a pydicom-based reader could be written for slicer DICOMPlugin