2015 Winter Project Week QIICR and DICOM Breakout

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  • Purpose: Discuss updates of the QIICR project, plans and interaction with other projects
  • Time: Wednesday 9-10am
  • Participants: Andrey Fedorov, Steve Pieper, Alireza Mehrtash, Christian Bauer, Artem Mamonov, Xiao Da, and everybody who is interested


  • Introduction
  • Updates and current status of the QIICR project
  • Specific DICOM related components to be discussed
    • segmentation object
    • frame of reference
    • multiframe and legacy multiframe conversion
    • etc
  • Updates and next steps for QIICR DBPs
    • Iowa: PET SUV extension and plugins, quantitative indices, Editor segmentation effect
    • MGH: T1 mapping
    • BWH: prostate mpMRI review workflow, ADC/multi-b DWI signal analysis, PK modeling improvements (BAT detection)
  • Driving use cases/collaborations within the NA-MIC family but outside QIICR DBPs
    • SPL Brain atlas
    • multiframe MR conversion for PREDICT HD (Hans Johnson)
    • atlases of Bill
    • anyone else?