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Key Investigators

  • Raúl San José
  • Jorge Onieva
  • Hans Meine (interested observer)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Implement a reusable mechanism to work with workflows in Slicer that navigate between different modules
  • Implement an easily extensible and customizable GUI
  • Discuss what would be the best approach from a GUI point of view
  • Implement an abstract module class that other modules could instantiate to implement a custom workflow
  • Discuss what would be the best way of persisting the state of the workflow (see Data Persisting project)
  • Slicelets and total customization of the Slicer UI seem to be a good approach to implement workflows (from a GUI point of view). It looks too hard to generalize a GUI for every workflow ("CLI style")
  • One of the best options for Python modules seems to be extending the ScriptedLoadableModule classes, adding input/output parameters and a "run" method, following a similar architecture than CLIs

Background and References

This project can be closely coupled with Data Persisting project