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This meeting was successfully completed. There were 96 registered attendees for the AHM.


Mariott City Center, Salt Lake City, Utah


Time Wednesday, January 10 Thursday, January 11 Friday, January 12
Project Activity Capitol Room A,B AHM Capitol Ballroom
Coding Olympus B
EAB, Olympus B
Project Activity, Capitol B, C, Olympus A
07:30-08:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:00-09:00 Slicer3 Developer Tutorial (Miller, Pieper) 08:00-08:30 Introduction (Kikinis)

08:30-09:00 NA-MIC Kit Update (Schroeder)

08:00-12:00 EAB Meeting

Project Work

09:00-10:30 Slicer3 Tutorial Contd. 09:00-09:15 NA-MIC Kit Discussion (led by Gerig)

09:15-09:45 DTI Update (Whitaker)

09:45-10:00 DTI Discussion (led by Shenton)

10:00-10:30 Structural Analysis Update (Styner)

EAB Meeting Contd

Project Work

10:30-11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00-12:00 Slicer3 Developer Feedback
  • DTI (O'Donnell, San Jose)
  • EM (Davis, Pohl)
  • IGT (Hata, Liu)

11:00-11:15 Structural Analysis Discussion (led by Tannenbaum)

11:15-11:30 fMRI Update (Wells)

11:30-11:45 fMRI Discussion (led by Saykin)

11:45-12:00 Dissemination‎ and Training Update (Pujol)

EAB Meeting Contd

Project Work

12:00-01:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:00-02:00 Project Introductions (Miller) 01:00-01:05 Introduction to new DBPs(Kikinis)

01:05-01:25 Harvard: VCFS as a genetic model for schizophrenia (Kubicki)

01:25-01:40 Discussion

01:40-02:00 JHU: Image guided prostate interventions (Fichtinger)

Project Work

Parallel Sessions:

Project Work

Breakout Session: EM Segmentation Tutorial (Pohl, Davis)

02:00-02:15 Discussion

02:15-02:35 The Mind Institute: Vascular Components of Brain Disorders (Bockholt)

02:35-02:50 Discussion

02:50-03:10 UNC: Longitudinal MRI study of early brain development (Cody)

03:10-03:25 Discussion

03:25-03:30 Conclusion (Kikinis)

3pm Adjourn
03:30-04:00 Coffee Coffee
04:00-05:30 Project Work

04:00-04:15 UIowa Collaboration Grant (Grosland, Magnotta)

04:15-04:30 XIP: Open source application development environment in caBIG (Prior, EAB)

04:30-05:00 Discussion (Aylward, Lorensen, Whitaker)

05.00-05.30 NIH Lead Q&A (Peng, Ackerman, Cohen)

05:30-07:00 Mid Cycle Review with Core 1&2 Site PIs
Olympus B
Party at Murphy's 6-9pm

Registration and Hotel Logistics

Registration: Online Registration is required for this meeting. Please follow this link to register online: http://www.sci.utah.edu/namic2007/. Please note that the registration fee is $215, and is payable by credit card or check. This fee partially covers the cost of facilities and meals ($200 for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 5 breaks, AV and wireless internet) as well as administration of the meeting ($4 for website registration and $11 for administration).

Hotel: Mariott City Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Group rate is $119 per night and only available until December 5, 2006. Regular rate is $200+ so please keep this deadline in mind. To book a room, please call central reservations at 1-866-961-8700 and ask for the "Scientific Computing" group. Or please go online by clicking any of the links below or going to http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/SLCCC and typing "SCISCIA" under GROUP CODE.

List of participants

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