AHM 2007:Core 1 2 Site PI Mid Cycle Review

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Date Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Time: 5:30-7:30pm Location: NA-MIC AHM 2007. Room TBA

Attendees: all Core and Site PIs (no delegates). This is a closed session.


  • We are in year 3 of our 5 year funding cycle.
    • From the RFA: "The initial period of support for a U54 center will be five years. No center will receive more than ten years total of NIH funding."
    • We need to begin thinking about the competitive renewal strategy in about a year (if we are allowed to submit).
  • Ensure that all site PIs are familiar with recommendations made by NIH program officers in reviewing our Yr2 progres report: 2006_APR_NIH_Questions_and_Answers#Recommendations_for_Next_Year_Report
  • Interaction between the cores (Ross, Will)

Expected Attendees:

  1. Ron Kikinis
  2. Core 1 PI: Ross Whitaker
  3. Core 1 Site PI MIT: Polina Golland
  4. Core 1 Site PI UNC: Guido Gerig
  5. Core 1 Site PI GATech: Allen Tannenbaum
  6. Core 1 Site PI MGH: Bruce Fischl
  7. Core 2 PI: Will Schroeder
  8. Core 2 Site PI Kitware: Will Schroeder
  9. Core 2 Site PI GE: Jim Miller
  10. Core 2 Site PI Isomics: Steve Pieper
  11. Core 2 Site PI UCLA: Art Toga
  12. Core 2 Site PI UCSD: Mark Ellisman

Confirmed Attendees:

  1. Ron Kikinis
  2. Martin Styner
  3. Polina Golland
  4. Allen Tannenbaum
  5. Steve Pieper
  6. Will Schroeder
  7. Bruce Fischl
  8. Guido Gerig
  9. Jim Miller
  10. Mark Ellisman