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Strategy session


  • Tutorial and Challenge discussion
    • Guido was worried about attendance, target audience, should we change the format
    • Martin mentioned Sfn Chicago success, maybe towards methods & tool tutorial
    • Ron, maybe MICCAI is not the right target audience, as many of the engineers are using ParaView, Matlab etc, but Slicer is coming for especially the smaller groups.
    • EMBS 2012 is one of the target by Rob (DBP), will work with Sonya and Randy on this
    • SPIE 2012 Feb, Martin will contact SPIE organizers
  • Evaluation/Challenges: How can NAMIC innovate/help with challenges?
    • New challenge separate => Martin: Towards DTI, or Registration challenge within current umbrella, need to do so soon.
    • DTI fiber tractography challenge in neurosurgery: Tumor cases (40 datasets) for clinical challenge
      • prior ROIs: peri-tumoral tracts on one clinical case
      • answering a clinical question: where are the tracts between two ROIs, e.g. Language tracts
      • scoring by clinician, how, how can this be used, or not scored for rating
    • Reliability should be one aspect, on two normals (Sylvain's data/Clement's/Samir's data), acquire more with motion?
      • this will be main challenge,
    • Delivery: Fiber (count) images? Fibers as vtk?
    • Pierre Fillard, does he have plans? What are the phantom's currently available? DWI phantom, Dani Alexander?


  • Randy Gollub (out due to snow storm in Boston)
  • Sonia Pujol
  • Guido Gerig
  • Martin Styner
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Katie Hayes