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Horst Hahn: "Recent Developments on Quantitative Multimodal Imaging at Fraunhofer MEVIS"

Download Slides - contains additional material not shown during the presentation due to internet connectivity issues


  • Overview Fraunhofer MEVIS and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Clarification Fraunhofer MEVIS (non-profit research center) vs. MeVis Medical Solutions (independent commercial spin-out company)
  • Internal structure Fraunhofer MEVIS: Domains, Foci, Projects, examples: Lung Domain, Onco Domain, Neuro Domain, etc.
  • MeVisLab: Principle, User Community, Open Source Components, ITK/VTK wrapper, PythonQt
  • Similar open source project: XIP
  • Four levels of challenges in translational medical image computing research
  • Recent new research foci at Fraunhofer MEVIS: Modeling & Simulation, Physics of MR Imaging and Co-Optimization, Image Registration (Project Group Lübeck), CAD
  • Liver surgery risk assessment & Internet based distant service
  • Animal model for sinusoidal remodeling during liver regeneration
  • Mobile liver explorer project
  • 4D PC-MRI flow visualization and quantification, probabilistic tracking, 3D/4D pressure difference mapping, bloodflow simulation, flow pattern analysis, ex-vivo and histopathological validation of multispectral plaque MRI
  • MeVisLab integration: OsiriX plugin
  • Multimodal breast imaging:
    • HAMAM project
    • fast breast MRI, comparison of dynamic and morphological features
    • cross-modality spatial correlation MRI vs. mammography, 3D-ultrasound vs. tomosynthesis etc., deformation simulation
    • image registration of prior and current breast MRI
    • ASSURE project: stratification of breast cancer screening based on extended risk modeling and multimodal imaging
    • upcoming EC FP7 project VPH-PRISM: multidisciplinary phenotyping and decision support, automated quantitative analysis of whole-slide digital pathology data
  • web/cloud applications
  • new features in MeVisLab
  • GraphicsView demo
  • COMIC: Consortium of Open Medical Image Computing
  • Perspectives