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  • Dates: May 23-24 2006
  • Location: UNC Sitterson Hall, 201 South Columbia, Room SN 115 (Map from hotel)
  • Hotel: Courtyard Marriott, 100 Marriott Way, Chapel Hill, NC
    • $119/night discount rate, Discount code: NAMIC meeting
    • Rate guaranteed if reservation is made by April 21st, Afterwards they'll try to honor this rate, but it's not guaranteed.
    • With a meeting discount, it's best to call for reservations (919) 883-0700 rather than making them online.
  • Transportation from Airport:
    • Taxi ride 30-35 USD
  • There is very limited parking on campus for visitors (due to construction on the visitor lots), so car rental is not necessarily encouraged.
  • Restaurant Guide to Chapel Hill downtown (status 1999, needs updating, but most of the restaurants are still around) A google search template for restaurants.

Transportation from Downtown Chapel Hill to Hotel

  • In the evening there is public transportation from downtown Chapel Hill to a bustop close to the Courtyard Marriot. The T/G rout bus drives at 7:19pm, 8:54pm, and 10:29pm from downtown Chapel Hill to NC 54 Parking lot, right next to the Marriot (2 minute walk). Bus Details
  • Additionally taxi transportation is affordable and located in downtown Chapel Hill: Tar Heel Taxi Inc (919) 933-1255; Airport Taxi (919) 942-4598; Airport & Intown Taxi(919) 942-4492

Questions? Please contact Delphine Bull (

Agenda: Tuesday, May 23

  • 8.30 am: Pickup at hotel Marriott and transportation to Sitterson Hall
  • 9:00-9:30am Introduction and discussion of agenda (Ross W)
  • Segmentation and Shape Analysis - Notes
    • 9:30 am "Enhanced Correspondence and Statistics for Structural Shape Analysis" (Martin S) Slides
    • 10:00am "Building Shape Prior Models for Segmentation" (Killian P) Slides
  • 10:30 - 11:00 am Break
  • ** 11:00am "A Nonparametric Approach to Shape Correspondence" (Ross W) Slides
    • 11:30am Shape Discussion (Martin and Ross)
  • 12:00pm Lunch (Lunch Chapel Hill downtown on your own, 10' walk)
  • ** 1:30pm Shape Discussion (cont)
  • Functional MRI
    • 2:00pm "Some Introductory Remarks on fMRI" Slides (Polina G)
    • 2:15pm "Spatial Regularization of fMRI activation" Slides (Wanmei Ou)
    • 2:45pm "Open problems in fMRI" Slides(Bruce F)
    • Question to be discussed:
      • Can and should Core 1 be more involved in fMRI?
      • How will NAMIC engage fMRI researchers?
  • 3:15pm Publishing in NAMIC
    • Questions to be discussed:
      • What is our status? (E.g. generate an ad hoc list of ongoing projects and plans to publish them.)
      • How can we improve Core 1/Core 3 publishing?

(E.g. generate a list of promising Core 3 projects and potential avenues for publication) What will we do with core 3 for its last year of this generation. What will we do with the next generation of core 3

  • 4:00-5:30 Core 2 Interactions Notes
    • "Slicer 3 Update for Core 1" Slides (Steve P)
  • Core 2 Discussion
    • Questions to be discussed:
      • What are the ways to interact with Core 2?
      • How should code get transferred/migrated in ITK?
      • How should applications get built?
      • How can we get applications in the hands of users?
  • Open Items
    • Registration (intra, inter-subject, sMRI, DTI, tensors, motion correction etc.)

Agenda: Wednesday, May 24

  • 8.30 am: Pickup at hotel Marriott and transportation to Sitterson Hall
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging Notes
    • 9:00am "Correspondence in DTI via unbiased atlas-building" (Casey G) Slides
    • 9:30am "Filtering of DW and DT Images" (Tom F) Slides
    • 10:00am "Using MRI to link microstructure and macrostructure" Slides (Bruce F)
  • 10:30am Break
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (Cont).
    • 11:00 am "Finsler Geometry and DTI Tractography" Slides (Allen T)
    • 11:30 am "White Matter Analysis Through Clustering of DTI data" Slides (Polina G)
  • 12:00pm Lunch (Lunch Chapel Hill downtown on your own, 10' walk)
  • 1:30pm DTI Discussion (Guido and Allen)
    • Questions to be discussed:
  • 2:30pm Evaluating NAMIC Core 1
    • Questions to be discussed:
      • How will we evaluate ourselves (at renewal time)?
      • How will this standard sit with our evaluators?
      • How will we fare agains this standard?
      • How can we make sure we succeed?

Background and Preparation


  • Software needs of the NAMIC toolkit
  • Algorithmic issue/needs relevant to Core 3
  • Special sessions on Shape Analysis, fMRI, DTI
  • Update on Slicer 3
  • Metrics for success (to be used in renewal considerations)
  • Core 1 input into the NAMIC Kit
  • Core 1 contributions to training core
  • Planning for Project Week (?)


If you are interested in attending this week, please note your name here (in general 2-4 people per Core 1 group)

  1. Guido Gerig, UNC
  2. Martin Styner, UNC
  3. Ipek Oguz, UNC
  4. Casey Goodlett, UNC
  5. Ross Whitaker, Utah
  6. John Melonakos, GT/GE
  7. Simon Warfield, HMS
  8. Steve Pieper
  9. Wanmei Ou, MIT
  10. Polina Golland, MIT
  11. Allen Tannenbaum, GT
  12. Bryce Kim, MIT
  13. Sandy Wells, MIT/BWH
  14. Kilian Pohl, MIT/BWH
  15. Bruce Fischl, MGH
  16. Tom Fletcher, Utah
  17. Jim Miller, GE Research
  18. Dennis Jen, MGH