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Action Items (details in text):

  1. Schedule next meetings- suggest weekly Tuesday 8:30-9:30 AM T-con (Erin to assist)
  2. Update your site’s imaging resources for next meeting
  3. Review attached suggestion for educational programs to be offered ASAP

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes June 24, 2008

In Attendance (all by phone):

  • Gordon Williams, from BWH
  • Bruce Rosen, from MGH
  • Bill Hanlon, from MGH
  • Annick D. Van den Abbeele, from DFCI
  • Jeff Yap, from DFCI
  • Randy Gollub, from MGH

There were no additions or corrections to the circulated minutes from last meeting.

1. Development of Consultation Service Annick is leading an effort to develop a Consultation service for the DFCI that will include a business model for how to charge for services. She is running a retreat the first week in July with her colleagues there to vet ideas and generate a plan that is supported by the research community. She offered to provide that as input to this group for our further discussion as well as to co-lead our Harvard wide consultation service with Clare Tempany. The group welcomed this valuable contribution. She will report back to us following the retreat. Gordon reported that this is the right direction to be moving as the Harvard CTSC leadership is endorsing the development of a mechanism to handle billing for services. HE went on to describe the plan developed by the Statistics group to define their “Standard Service Agreement” or the work they will do for all C/T investigators for free (costs supported by the CTSC funding) that includes experimental design consultation and power analyses for grant applications. They will also offer additional services available for a fee (set an hourly rate) to be paid either from successfully funded CTSC Pilot grants or the C/T investigator’s own funds for work such as assistance in analysis of collected data or manuscript preparation.

2. Educational Offerings Randy accepted the role of leading the Education subcommittee. She has already scheduled a time to meet with members of the CTSC Research Education Program. She proposed a candidate Imaging Nanocourse (~90 minutes) targeting radiology fellows, residents and clinical translational investigators who are interested in using medical image data analysis and visualization to be held twice sometime in the early Fall (September/October), once at the MGH main campus and once in the Longwood area and would be co-sponsored by NA-MIC. A more complete description is attached. This will be discussed at the next meeting. All others are encouraged to submit candidate content or ideas at the next meeting or by reply all to this message.

3. Collaborative response to Harvard wide Technology White Paper Bruce accepted the suggestion that he contact the Chairs of the report to discuss ideas for how our group could help fulfill the missions outlined in that report. The goal is to bring back to this group information that would help us determine how we can participate in a way that serves our mission. Since Gordon thought the time to act was imminent, the charge is to do this prior to our next meeting.

4. Curation of Site resources As discussed in our first meeting, an immediate goal is to catalogue our current resources (imaging hardware, software, educational materials, expert personnel, etc) and to share that with each other. This will serve an important goal of helping to determine how we can best serve the Harvard wide C/T community using our existing infrastructure as well as identifying targets for future development. This material will be handed to the Navigators to be used to populate our pages on the CONNECT portal. The charge, accepted by those present on behalf of us all is to do this prior to our next meeting. The draft document with data complied by Randy was attached to the previous meeting minutes.

5. Development of Imaging infrastructure to support acquisition, analysis and management There was a brief discussion of this topic culminating in the suggestion that this be on next meetings agenda.

6. Meeting venue The group agreed that Tuesday mornings from 8:30 AM- 9:30 AM work for our regular face-to-face meetings (once per month), as well as weekly teleconferences over the next few weeks, pending approval by the broader group. The location of the next face-to-face meetings will be in two weeks. Randy offered to host the first one July 8th unless another site would like to have the honor. Erin will assist us in setting these up.

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