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Ideas we have already mentioned that need to be vetted and detailed:

  1. Cross site calibration for specific imaging modalities where there is clinical research need (e.g. multi-site fMRI or quantitative mMRI)
  2. Cross site sharing of specific image acquisition protocols (e.g. ASL from BIDMC)
  3. Integration of medical image analysis software into common platform (e.g. Slicer 3 support for visualization of Freesurfer results)
  4. Common Image Consultant that works across sites to support users
  5. Common Policies and Procedures for medical imaging (e.g. reconciling discrepancies for screening before Gadolinium infusions)
  6. Shared anonymized datasets for algorithm development etc
  7. Common image data management software, such as XNAT (concept paper in preparation by BIRN/NAMIC team members)

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