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Action Items (details below)

  1. Give Ann/Zeke your CONNECTS details ASAP if not done already.

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes August 5, 2008

In Attendance (in person):

  • Bob Lenkinski
  • Annick D. Van den Abbeele
  • Randy Gollub
  • Gordon Harris
  • Neil Rofsky
  • Ann Schlesinger

Neil and Bob led a tour through the BIDMC research imaging facilities highlighting the ability to acquire CT images including PET/CT for whole brain perfusion, Ultrasound, and MRI (infusion pump, fMRI, ASL, stimulus delivery and response collection capabilities all available). Noted the tightly knit relation between the hospital's Radiology Department and the Research programs. Their staffing includes MR techs expert in acquisition and some analysis. Notably the BIDMC GCRC is located in the same building and only a few floors above the MRI research suite. The GCRC nurses are trained and expert in supporting imaging studies that require them to attend to subjects during scanning (e.g. drug infusions or physiological monitoring). Bob and Neil please edit this to make it more comprehensive/accurate.

1. RSNA sponsored CTSC connection
Annick tentatively accepted the role of representing us at the upcoming ACRIN conference pending no conflict between that and her presentations. She will check and provide final confirmation.

2. Consultation Service
Much discussion about the extensive consultation services that our group is already providing for clinical investigators at each of our sites. Noted was that both shared and unique capabilities exist. All agreed that they would like to continue to offer their services going forward. But no ideas about how to most effectively capture this in a consultation program arose. The idea of doing some cross site calibration/validation was discussed with a shared agreement to let the clinical needs drive this effort. Specifically, as proposals are submitted that request the ability to acquire matching data across sites, we should have a mechanism in place to support the calibration for that project.

3. Regulatory Issue
Annick brought up the suggestion for development of a cross CTSC mechanism for being able to share data across HMS affiliated institutions connected by patient ID such that if a person had different data types at different institutions, it would be possible to know that it existed and where.

4. Image Data Management and Shared Imaging Data
The Morphometry BIRN and NAMIC leadership is preparing a proposal for the CTSC Imaging Consortium and Informatics Core for a data management system that would support both local clinical translational investigators doing their own imaging studies and sharing image data collections more broadly. Randy will forward the draft document to the group in advance of next Tuesday's meeting for group discussion.

5. Curation of Site resources
Ann presented to the group the spreadsheet of information she is collecting on behalf of CTSC Central and set up meetings to get needed info from the attendees.