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Action Items (details below)

  1. Review the updated consultation page on the wiki. (everybody)
  2. Submit additional information about the medical imaging software analysis tools at your site. (everybody)
  3. Connect with CTSC sites not represented in the Imaging Consortium and learn about the Imaging resources available at those sites.
  4. Create a PowerPoint presentation for Division Heads meetings so the Imaging Consortium can connect with the broader Imaging Community
  5. Refine the list of expertise on the CTSC wiki (everybody)
  6. Review the draft of the Imaging Information and Analysis Liaison/Triage Consultant job description. (everybody)
  7. Organize a list of functions needed from the new XNAT system under development (everybody)

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes September 9, 2008

In Attendance (via phone):

  • Gordon Williams
  • Bill Hanlon
  • Laura Alice
  • Randy Gollub
  • Clare Tempany
  • Carolyn Zyloney
  • Gordon Harris
  • Sarah McMordie
  • Jeff Yap
  • Annick D van den Abbeele
  • Simon Warfield

1. Consultation Service
Several additional updates for the Imaging Consultation web-page have been completed and proposed.

  • Gordon Harris has drafted the top-level text of the Imaging consultation web-page so that it is in harmony with the other consultation web-pages on the Harvard Catalyst website, and this text has been posted on the CTSC wiki page in the above link.
  • An image will be selected to appear at the top of the Harvard Catalyst Imaging Consultation Program web-page. Randy will peruse the Slicer gallery for possible candidates images.
  • After discussion about updating the expertise of the Tumor Imaging Metrics Core (TIMC) personnel, consortium members were encouraged to edit their list of expertise on the Harvard-CTSC wiki main page to make it most accurate.
  • Consortium members are requested to submit additional information about the medical imaging software analysis tools that experts from their site can help to support. Freesurfer (MGH) and Slicer (BWH) have been posted on the consultation web-page draft.
  • All Imaging Consortium sites are requested to refine the list of expertise at their site to include all available imaging modalities that the consortium members possess expertise in as well as any expertise in the areas of image acquisition, analysis, and experimental design.
  • The Consult Request form was unanimously approved. The deadline to make edits to this document is Friday September 26th, after which a PDF copy of the form will be created and forwarded to CTSC Central.
  • Concerns were raised about the possibility of consultation requests coming from researchers at sites not participating in the Imaging Consortium, such as McLean Hospital and Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary. The next step for the Imaging Consortium members is to learn more about these other sites and the resources available to researchers there.

2. Communication with Imaging Community
The Imaging Community within the Harvard CTSC is broader than the members of the Imaging Consortium. One of the goals of the Consortium is to learn more about the imaging resources available at sites not represented within the Imaging Consortium. Another goal is to identify medical imaging experts who are not currently involved in the Imaging Consortium but may be available to assist with consultation requests, particularly experts in modalities that are not currently represented within the Consortium. Opportunities to connect with the Imaging Community include

  • Radiology Division Heads Meetings at each participating Medical Center
  • The Monthly CTSC Meeting

A PowerPoint presentation outlining the Imaging Consortium and the consultation service will be created and posted on the wiki for Consortium members to use. This PowerPoint template will be used.

3. Informatics/XNAT update

  • Bill Hanlon has created a document summarizing the current status of the TIMC project.
  • Ron Kikinis and Shawn Murphy met with Dan Sullivan to discuss the infrastructure behind sharing medical imaging data.
  • Randy met with Ellen Grant, an expert in pediatric neuroimaging, and Rudolph Pienaar, the medical imaging and informatics expert, to discuss their progress with XNAT. They reported having the following goals for their XNAT system:
    • Importing a large amount of legacy data to XNAT automatically
    • Setting up arbitrary SQL support to facilitate their interaction with data and allow for complex data queries.

Consortium members are requested to make a list of the functions they need and would like XNAT to perform, so these needs can be discussed with Shawn Murphy.

  • Shawn Murphy will be invited to a future meeting of the Imaging Consortium to give an update on i2b2 and to work further on developing the Imaging Consortium's proposal.

4. Imaging Information and Analysis Liaison/Triage Consultant
The consortium agreed on a list of qualifications desired in candidates for the position, which was used to create an updated job description.