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Action Items (details below)

  1. There will be a special meeting to discuss the Imaging Liaison candidates on Friday December 19th at 9:30 am. Please schedule all interviews with the candidates and update the form sheet for evaluations, including a ranking of the candidates, on the xythos site after the interview no later than December 18th.
  2. Review the XNAT engineer job description and suggest edits.

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes December 16, 2008

In Attendance (via phone):

  • Randy Gollub
  • Carolyn Zyloney
  • Jeff Yap
  • Bill Hanlon
  • Clare Tempany
  • Annick D. Van den Abbeele
  • Laura Alice
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Bruce Rosen
  • Gordon Harris
  • Gordon Williams
  • Bob Lenkinski

1. Imaging Information and Acquisition Liaison Job Position

  • The CTSC Imaging Consortium is in the process of finishing the last several interviews of our three top candidates for the position and writing evaluations of the candidates.
    • Many members of the Consortium have interviewed the candidates. At least one Consortium member from each site has met all three candidates for the position.
    • Several members have already posted their evaluations of the candidates on the xythos site and sent their rank ordering of the candidates to Carolyn. Consortium members who have not done so are asked to submit their evaluations and rankings by Thursday.
    • There will be a special t-con to discuss the Imaging Liaison candidates on Friday December 19th at 9:30 am.
    • The Consortium members reported that they have no further questions and are prepared to make a decision on Friday during the t-con.
    • Randy received one additional recommendation for one of the candidates, which she has posted on the xythos site.
    • Randy proposed January 2nd as a potential start date for the position.

2. Coordination with CTSC Central (Randy)

The Consortium is working closely with CTSC Central to facilitate the goals of both this imaging group and Harvard Catalyst as a whole.

  • The first CTSC Progress report is due on January 8th. CTSC Central has requested that the Imaging Consortium submit within the next week:
    • a summary of our accomplishments as a group
    • a description of how the Imaging Group contributes to the Harvard catalyst's and overall national CTSA's efforts
    • and our plans for the next year.
  • The Group discussed and agreed upon the content to be used for the progress report.
    • Jeff and Annick are active in the CTSA Clinical Trials subgroup, ACRIN meetings, and the RSNA CTSA Imaging Working Group meetings (which includes a Bi-Monthly conference call). Bruce and Ron are active on the CTSC Imaging Workspace and the Informatics Committee. Randy, Ron, and Bill also participate in the Informatics meetings.
    • The Consortium plans on putting together an image analysis core with a fee for service. Clinical trials at the TIMC will be used as the business model.
    • Consortium members are asked to send their text to Randy and Carolyn who will compile it and send a summary to Gordon Williams
  • Gordon Williams suggested compiling numerical data that represents the Imaging Consortium's activities.

  • The Consortium is working with CTSC Central programmers to create a system for online consultation request submissions via a web based form and collecting outcome metrics.
    • A Beta version of an online consultation request system is being piloted for the Biostatistics group.
    • The Imaging Consortium will work with the CTSC Central programmers to include software that will track the consultation requests and collect data on the consultations.
    • The Group agreed that numerical data measuring the success of the consultation service should be collected. This may include the number of consultation request submissions, a percentage breakdown of the type of consultation requests received, and the time to complete consultation requests. The Consortium will also consider sending a feedback questionnaire to researchers requesting consultation services to gather additional outcome metrics.
    • Randy will meet with the programmers (Genoa Wall, Britt Fitch, Maria Cervone) on Friday to plan for the construction of this online submission system.

  • The Consortium discussed the PCIR reviews of protocols including an imaging component and when the group should start fulfilling the role of reviewer for the PCIR.
    • Catalyst Central finished finalizing a plan for the protocol submission forms. This online submission system will become available in several months.
    • Gordon Williams will request a copy of the PowerPoint created by Chris Auburn (name?) from BWH IT that explains the plans for the PCIR submission system.
    • The Imaging Consortium will eventually assume the responsibility of reviewing imaging protocols for the CTSC once this online system is in place.
    • Currently, imaging protocols at the MGH are reviewed by Randy. To the best knowledge of Annick, Clare, and Bob, BWH and BI are not yet accepting new protocols for review under the PCIR system.
    • Bruce proposed that the Consortium as a whole should immediately assume the responsibility of reviewing protocols with an imaging component that request assistance from the CTSC/CRC. Randy will speak with Ann Klibansky regarding the Imaging Consortium's offer to immediately begin this role as the imaging review arm of the PCIR.
    • The Consortium agreed that we should have a role in reviewing protocols that are greater than minimum risk and request CTSC resources

  • Randy met with the newly hired CTSC Evaluation Program Coordinator, Michele Sinunu
    • Michelle has been charged with the responsibility of evaluating all CTSC programs (e.g. Education, Consultation Service, Pilot Grants)
    • CTSC Central will collect metrics on the Educational program with the assistance of their Evaluation Program Coordinator.
    • Randy proposed that we consider asking Lori Breslow, Director, TLL & Senior Lecturer from the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education at MIT, to act as a consultant for the Educational program since she has years of experience and a great deal of talent at developing and tracking successful educational initiatives.

3. XNAT Engineer Job Position

  • Randy will continue working on the XNAT engineer job description, so that a final draft can be submitted to the Consortium for consideration.
  • The Consortium agreed that the job should be posted within the next few weeks.
  • Randy met with Carol Martin from the Harvard Catalyst Diversity Group who has offered to assist in recruiting talented candidates for the position

4. 2009 meeting schedule

  • The Group agreed to continue the Tuesday morning t-cons into 2009
    • The agenda for these t-cons will include a review of all consultation requests, PCIR reviews, training the soon to be hired Imaging Liaison, and launching and implementing the informatics program
  • The next t-con will be held on January 6th.
  • The Imaging Consortium would like to schedule a site visit at Children's Hospital for the beginning of 2009. January 27th is the proposed date of this site visit. Laura Alice was asked to coordinate a date with Simon and Stephen.