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Action Items (details below)

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes December 19, 2008

In Attendance (via phone):

  • Randy Gollub
  • Bob Lenkinski
  • Gordon Harris
  • Stephan Voss
  • Carolyn Zyloney
  • Clare Tempany
  • Annick Annick D. Van den Abbeele

  • Stephan Voss represented Simon Warfield on the call.
  • Randy Gollub represented Bruce Rosen on the call.

1. Imaging Information and Acquisition Liaison Job Position

  • The CTSC Imaging Consortium held a special t-con to discuss the candidates.
    • The group agreed that the qualities most desirable in an imaging liaison are communication skills, both written and verbal. The Liaison will serve the role of connecting people across institutions and interacting with researchers with a goal on customer service
    • Although none of the top candidates have strong imaging clinical experience, the group believes that with appropriate guidance and some effort, any of the candidates can develop the expertise required for the position
    • The XNAT Engineer position is a separate position from the Imaging Liaison. The Liaison will work with the engineer to facilitate the process of marketing and training investigators to use the XNAT/i2b2 system, but the engineer will do the complex technical IT work.
  • The Consortium members discussed and explained their rankings of the candidates. They concluded that all 3 candidates would succeed in the position. However, the group finally chose the candidate that received the highest average ranking.
  • The Liaison will be hired through the BIDMC. The HR department requested time to process and coordinate this new hire. The group hopes that the Liaison will begin in early January.
  • The group unanimously agreed that the Liaisons first job will be to meet with each member of the Consortium and discuss their goals for the CTSC Imaging Group and the tasks they would like the Liaison to accomplish.
    • Clare proposed and the group unanimously agreed that the Liaison can rotate between sites for the weekly t-cons. This will allow the Liaison to visit each site and meet with the members of the consortium approximately every 5 weeks.