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Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes July 15, 2008

In Attendance (by T-con):

  • Clare Tempany, BWH
  • Jeffery Yap
  • Bruce Rosen, MGH
  • Ann Schlesinger, CTSC Navigator
  • Gordon Williams
  • Gordon Harris
  • Annick Van den Abbeele
  • Bill Hanlon
  • Bob Lenkinski
  • Zeke Benstein-Hanley
  • Stephan Voss

    • Topics

Gordon Williams outlined 4 milestones for 9/1/08

  • 1. Resources: must be populated by each site in this wiki.
  • 2. Consultation: How do investigators access the program-the service plan must be available electronically in CONNECT
  • 3. Services: Determination of the servcices to be provided by the imaging core
  • 4. Education program outline and description with dates of 3-4 events per year again posted on CONNECT.

Budget discussion This was discussed by all after an outlined -below- provided by Gordon W. 3 aspects to budget as it now stands- $1.2M

  • Consultation service- expected to be provided through the funds already allocated in the grant for the associated directors- all of us- at each site to provide this service
  • Need to determine how much help we can provide after initial consultation- with no $$ for scan time- before investigators move to apply for CTSC pilot funds
    • Pilot funds- how best to optimize this opportunity- the "GW" bias-pilots with collaborative teams of a junior imaging investigator paired with CTSC investigator -cross disiplinary projects will enhance chances of success. There will be a CTSC study section- not yet in place- they will review all pilot applications.
    • Bruce Rosen proposed that we think through how best to use the funds in one of 2 possible ways
  • expand the pool of funded individuals at each site
  • considered hiring cross insitutional individuals who will provide a unique resource -not already available for the core and all of the CTSC investigators, examples included- standarization of imaging protocols- such as anatomical sequences, database establishment and management.
  • Internal timetable to meet goals - proposed by the group that in next 2 weeks we try to achieve the resources, education and consultation goals