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Dartmouth Structural, Functional, T2 and DTI Images

Data Access

To download this data, click on the following links:

Data Description

  • 6 Healthy Controls Data
    • All data were acquired on a 1.5T GE MRI Scanner using the Horizon LX software platform.
    • SPGR: Scan Parameters and Data Structure
    • T2: Scan Parameters and Data Structure
    • fMRI (ER-RECOG task):Scan Parameters and Data Structure
      • NOTE: onsets for tasks included with data are WRONG. New onsets have been uploaded to here
    • DTI:Scan Parameters and Data Structure
    • Hippocampus Traces: Hippocampal traces were made on an SPGR resampled to 1.015625 mm3 isotropic voxels and realigned along the long axis of the hippocampus. This reoriented SPGR volume is included with the traces. Traces were drawn using the Brains program.
    • Hippocampal ROIs: Binary Hippocampal ROIs have been uploaded in the same directory as the traces. These ROIs are in Analyze format. There are four ROIs for each subject (left hippo, left hippo smoothed 3mm FHMW, right hippo, right hippo smoothed 3mm FHMW). The smoothed ROIs have 'sROI' in the filename.
  • MRI Data for 15 SZ
    • Data consists of DICOM slices for SPGR and trace files for various Frontal Lobe Subdivisions
      • SPGR: Scan Parameters and Data Structure
      • Frontal Traces: Traces were made on SPGR volume using the Brains program. Go here for a listing of the structures available and the filenames associated with them.

Data Contact

  • For any extra information needed on this data please contact John D. West. Contact info can be found on the members list in the NA-MIC section of BIRN.