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The third NA-MIC Project event was successfully concluded on June 30, 2006 at MIT. It recorded 56 attendees, 38 of whom were NA-MIC participants and 18 were collaborators. During the project event, 22 projects were actively pursued by the participants. A summary powerpoint for this event is available here.

Some Statistics at a Glance:

  • 56 total attendees: 38 NA-MIC participants, 18 collaborators
    • 38 NA-MIC Participants breakdown by cores: Core 1 (11), Core 2 (13), Core 3 (9), Core 4 (2), Core 5 (2), Core 6 (1)
    • 18 Collaborators: Northwestern (3), Iowa (1), JHU (1), Harvard IIC (1), Canary Islands (2), MIT(3), BWH (7)
  • 22 Projects: Structural Analysis (4), Diffusion Image Analysis (4), fMRI analysis (2), NA-MIC Kit (10), Astronomy Data(1). 17 NA-MIC and 5 external collaborations.

A link to the actual event is available here.


The following projects were carried out during this week:

Structural Analysis

  1. ITK Spherical Wavelet Transform Filter (Xavier Le Faucheur, GT, Delphine Nain, GT, John Melonakos GT/GE, Jim Miller GE, Luis Ibanez, Kitware): 4-block PPT
  2. ITK statistical analysis using non-parametric permutation analysis and false discovery rate (Martin Styner, UNC): 4 block PPT
  3. Local curvature based correspondence in ITK (Ipek Oguz, Martin Styner, UNC): 4 block PPT
  4. Shape analysis of female SPD dataset (Jim Levitt, PNL, Marc Niethammer, PNL, Sylvain Bouix, PNL, Martin Styner, UNC): 4-block PPT
  5. Mesh Untangling (Gheorghe Postelnicu, MGH, Bill Lorensen GE): 4 block PPT
  6. MR Histology Registration (Gheorghe Postelnicu MGH, Bill Lorensen GE): 4 block PPT

Diffusion Image Analysis

  1. ITK DTI Image Processing Modules (Casey Goodlett UNC, Tom Fletcher Utah, Bill Lorensen GE, John Melonakos GT/GE): 4-block PPT
  2. Fiber Tools / Slicer 3 Integration (Casey Goodlett UNC, Bill Lorensen GE): 4-block PPT
  3. Stochastic Fiber Tracing Applications (C-F Westin, Marek Kubicki, Raul San-Jose, AW de Vries, All LMI): 4-block PPT
  4. Slicer Fiber (Model) Labeling Interface (Lauren O'Donnell MIT, Marek Kubicki BWH) : 4-block PPT

FMRI Image Analysis

  1. Conformal Flattening in ITK(Yi Gao GT, John Melonakos GT/GE, Jim Miller GE, Luis Ibanez Kitware, Marc Niethammer BWH): 4-block PPT
  2. Spatial Regularization in fMRI Analysis(Wanmei Ou, Polina Golland, Sandy Wells, and Carsten) 4-block PPT


  1. Slicer3 Interface (Wendy Plesniak, Sebastien Barre, Steve Pieper, Mathieu Malaterre, Randy Gollub, Michael Halle), 4-block PPT
  2. Migrating Slicer2.x Modules to Slicer3 (Nicole Aucoin, Mathieu Malaterre, Katie Hayes, Bill Lorensen): 4-block PPT
  3. Slicer3 Packaging (Andy Cedilnik, Steve Pieper) 4-block PPT
  4. Slicer3 Grid Integration (Jeff Grethe, Brendan Faherty, Steve Pieper, Katie Hayes), 4-block PPT
  5. Slicer3 Pipeline Integration (Jagadeeswaran Rajendiran, Martin Styner, Steve Pieper), 4 block PPT
  6. 2006 Project MGH File Format Converter(Gheorghe Postelnicu, Bill Lorensen) 4-block PPT
  7. Volumetric Meshing (Kiran Shivanna, Vincent Magnotta, Nicole Grosland):4-block PPT
  8. Dicom Query/Retrieve (Eduardo Suárez, Rafael Nebot, Steve Pieper, Jim Miller):4-block PPT
  9. A Translation Station for Imaging (Pat Mongkolwat, Alex Kogan, Tom Lechner, Steve Pieper, Wendy Plesniak):4-block PPT
  10. Converting vtkFMRIEngine and vtkMRAblation to Slicer3 modules (Noby Hata, Haiying Liu, Steve Pieper, Jim Miller): 4-block ppt

NA-MIC Kit Support for Non-Medical Data

  1. ITK IO support for reading astronomy data and coordinates from FITS files (Douglas Alan IIC, Michael Halle BWH/IIC, Luis Ibanez Kitware) 4-block PPT