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  1. We will be using this week's engineering TCON slot to kick off discussions for the Programmers Week, June 27-July1. All participants for the programming week have been invited to join.
  2. Discussion on pipelines and grids (Jeff and Michael)
  3. Followup from last week's TCON- The pipelines of the ITK exercise have been added. They can be found at: ITKExercises

Attendees (please add your name if it's missing): Tina, Bill, John, Casey, Tom, Lauren, Steve, Katie, Michael, Luis, Sonia, Ron, Jim, Xiaodong, Isabelle, Jeff, Randy, Jason, Nicole


  1. Tina took us to the Programmer's Week Wiki page. Overview of meeting place and times for the retreat.
  2. Decided to focus on getting work done, but also have some presentations (will have 4 projectors).
  3. Each programming team should add a Wiki page for their project. Dave Tuch's page on nonrigid EPI registration can be used as a good example of what a page should look like.
  4. Randy suggested meeting in the Teal room at MIT.
  5. Luis gave a description of the NA-MIC sandbox.
  6. Tina mentioned that this might be a good chance for groups with common research to combine efforts/collaborate. UNC and MIT, and their common work on DTI tract grouping, were given as an example.
  7. We discussed hotel considerations for the week, agreed that it would be preferrable to stay in one or two hotels. Hotel specifics will be coming soon.
  8. Core 1 people should be posting how they are using Core 3 data at this page. Also, we should try to be covering all the data -- most people are using the Harvard data, while there is little usage of the Irvine data.
  9. Ron emphasized that we should not forget about documentation of the code that is produced during the week.
  10. Discussion on the LONI Pipeline/Grid computing integration. TCON will be held next week. Also see Programmer's Retreat Pipeline Project for more details on plans.