Engineering:TCON 05 25 2006

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  • Discussion of the highlights from the Core 1 visit
    • Update of Slicer 3's plugin functionality - allowing Core 1 to more readily incorporate their executables into Slicer 3 via a "command line"-like interface
      • Plan is to start with less GUI intensive modules and gradually move towards the incorporation of more GUI intensive algorithms throughout 2007
    • Clear deliniation of roles for Cores 1,2,3
    • Ideas for Wiki improvements
      • Larger/bold fonts for important events
      • Possibility of secure Wiki pages for sensitive information
  • Update for Project Week Teams
    • Martin presented his project update (he added his project Wiki page)
    • Ipek will also add a project page to the Wiki
    • Discussion of Insight Journal submissions
    • Discussion of adding more robust statistics to ITK
      • Decision to focus on this after Slicer 3 has matured
    • Request for the IJ MICCAI Workshop submission day to be pushed back a few days to accomodate Project Week Teams