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  • The NA-MIC kit (Bill)
  • MGH workshop September 16 (Tina)
  • What are our goals for the programming half week in Utah? (Tina)
  • Image Editor (Tina)

Attendees (please add your name if it is missing):

  • Bill, Tina, Luis, Andy, Michael, Xiaodong, Ron


  • NA-MIC kit identity
    • Bill: how to build the identity of NA-MIC kit
    • Andy: is working on packing slicer/VTK/ITK(Loni pipeline later), initially binary for windows
    • Tina: Should be more than just a collection of softwares, will be better to include samples and data so end users can work on their own
    • Ron: need a way to track who are using the NAMIC kit (web form to track download)
    • Andy: probably distribute CDs with complete software/data/docs to people (NAMIC people as well as customers) at all-hand meeting
  • Training workshop in Boston 09/16/2005
    • Focus on FreeSurfer (MGH) and Slicer (BWH), how they can work hand in hand
    • Core 2 people participation
  • All-hand meeting and programming half-week
  • NA-MIC Wiki, there is a restriction on adding links to a Wiki page. There is a list of people allowed to add link. Currently running latest release.
  • Michael will give a MICCAI Tutorial on Loni pipeline