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Dates: Feb 19-23, 2011

Location: Hilton Caribe, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Room Reservation: Click here to reserve a room at the hotel

This event will bring together registration algorithm researchers from NAC, NA-MIC, NCIGT and close associates. The agenda is to discuss some of the open challenges in medical image registration, and promising approaches to solving these. Each of the Session Chairs is responsible for designing the content and moderating the discussions in their sessions.



  • Current practice
  • Biomedical drivers
  • Algorithm science
  • Engineering issues
  • Compliance with Rons rules for tools



  • 6pm, location Conference 10, second floor of main building
  • Moderator: Ron Kikinis
  • The goal of this meeting is to develop a strategy for researching the next generation of registration technology
  • We would like to produce a white paper with this strategy and publish it.





Registered Attendees

  1. Avants, Brian
  2. Aylward, Stephen
  3. Fedorov, Andriy
  4. Gerig, Guido
  5. Halle, Michael
  6. Kapur, Tina
  7. Kikinis, Ron
  8. Kolasny, Anthony
  9. Meier, Dominik
  10. Pace, Danielle
  11. Pohl, Kilian
  12. Risholm, Petter
  13. Rohlfing, Torsten
  14. Schroeder, Will
  15. Sharp, Gregory
  16. Toews, Matthew
  17. Wells, Sandy
  18. Westin, C-F
  19. Zollei, Lilla