Farsight nuclear segmentation as GoFigure plugin

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Key Investigators

  • Harvard Medical School: Arnaud Gelas, Sean Megason
  • RPI: Badri Roysam, Raghav Padmanabhan


GoFigure2 is a software

Farsight project is Developing Quantitative Tools for Studying Complex and Dynamic Biological Micro-environments from 4D/5D Microscopy Data


  • Enable GoFigure2 plugin mechanism
  • Develop one GoFigure2's plugin from Farsight nuclear segmentation

Approach, Plan

  • Make a simple Image To Image plugin work into GoFigure2
  • Download, build and install farsight
  • Run Farsight nuclear segmentation as an executable
    • Import results into GoFigure2 (see previous project)
  • Make a plugin from this application


  • GoFigure2's Image to Image plugins can be
    • compiled
    • loaded
    • ran
  • There is one bug when importing back the results of the plugin into GoFigure