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Linux / Mac OS X

First obtain the source code from the repository. Open the terminal and run:

 $ svn co http://svn.na-mic.org/NAMICSandBox/trunk/OpenIGTLink OpenIGTLink

Then configure using CMake. The library requires CMake version higher than 2.4.

 $ mkdir OpenIGTLink-build
 $ cd OpenIGTLink-build
 $ ccmake ../OpenIGTLink

Then CMake configuration screen shows up on your terminal. Normally, you don't need to change any options except making sure BUILD_EXAMPLES is ON. Just press the 'c' key (configure) followed by the 'g' key (generate). and quit the configuration screen. Now you are ready to build the software.

 $ make

You may install the library into your disk (optional). The default target directory is /usr/local, but you can configure it from the CMake configuration screen. To install the files, run

 $ make install

You might need super user access.


  • Download SVN Windows client if you don't have one already
  • You will also need CMake and a C/C++ compiler as Microsoft Visual C++
  • Download out the source code from SVN
  • Run CMake
    • Where is the source code: C:\Devel\OpenIGT\OpenIGTLink
    • Where to build the binaries: C:\Devel\OpenIGT\build
    • Click "Configure" and select your compiler (usually just click "OK")
    • Message: "Build directory does not exit, should I create it?" - click "OK"
    • It might give a "pdflatex" error, just ignore it for now
    • Click "Configure"
    • Click "OK" to close CMake
  • Start Visual C and compile the project (C:\Devel\OpenIGT\build\OpenIGTLink.sln)

If all went OK you will have the executable and the library:

  • C:\Devel\OpenIGT\build\Testing\debug\igtlSocketTest.exe
  • C:\Devel\OpenIGT\build\Source\debug\OpenIGTLink.lib

!!Note on Windows!!

If you planning to link the OpenIGTLink Library with IGSTK, or 3D Slicer OpenIGTLinkIF module, please make sure that you use windows version of CMake (not one in the Cygwin environment) and Visual Studio. Since IGSTK and 3D Slicer are compiled with Visual Studio, the OpenIGTLink library built in cygwin environment using GCC cannot be linked with those software.

Upon completion, you should find the TrackerSim executable file in ScannerIO/bin