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Basic Slicer3 Navigation Tutorial


This tutorial uses a tracking simulator to explain how navigation works in Slicer3.

A general IGT navigation system consists of the following components:

  • Slicer3 - the base platform
  • IGSTK - an interfacing tool for common commercial tracking devices
  • A tracking device - such as the NDI Aurora magnetic tracking system

The tracking simulator simulates the tracking device and the IGSTK interfacing software.

Those wishing to connect a real tracking system to Slicer3 should see the Advanced Navigation Tutorial.

Tutorial Materials

  • Tutorial slides for the Basic Navigation Tutorial
  • Atlas: download the .zip file from either the SPL-PNL Brain Atlas or the SPL Abdominal Atlas
  • Tool model (right-click to download)
    • If Windows saves the file as Tool.htm intstead of Tool.vtk: Select Start->Run, type "cmd", type "cd <directory where Tool.htm is>", type "move Tool.htm Tool.vtk"

Software Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install Slicer3

  • Go to the Slicer3 Install site.
  • Download a Slicer binary for your platform.
  • Install Slicer.

Step 2: Install the tracker simulator

The tracking simulator will be used to generate and send fake tracking data to Slicer3.