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Advanced Slicer3 Navigation Tutorial


This tutorial uses an NDI Aurora tracking system to explain how navigation works in Slicer3. It also contains a more advanced description of the OpenIGTLink protocol.

The general IGT navigation system consists of the following components:

  • Slicer3 - the base platform plus IGT modules such as OpenIGTLink and NeuroNav
  • IGSTK - an interfacing tool for common commercial tracking devices
  • A tracking device - such as the NDI Aurora magnetic tracking system

Before you start the advanced tutorial, you should go through the Basic Navigation Tutorial.

Tutorial Materials

Required Hardware

  • NDI Aurora tracking device with tracked tool
  • If your computer does not have a serial port, you will need a Serial-to-USB converter

Software Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install Slicer3

Go to the Slicer3 Install site.

Step 2: Install IGSTK Package

IGSTK package is used to acquire tracking data from the NDI Aurora tracking system. To build it from the source code, find the instructions here.

Step 3: Set up Communication between IGSTK and Slicer

Here are the steps to connect IGSTK and Slicer3.