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Neurosurgical Planning for Image Guided Therapy using Slicer3


This tutorial reviews Slicer3's Image Guided Therapy capabilities using the example of preoperative planning for neurosurgery. It covers how to perform multiple tasks in Slicer3, including:

  • Image registration
  • Segmentation and model making
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging and tractography
  • Using an atlas

Tutorial Materials

  • Tutorial slides for the neurosurgical planning tutorial: pdf (recommended) or ppt
  • Neurosurgical planning tutorial dataset - contains:
    • Patient dataset
    • SPL-PNL brain atlas
    • MRML scene registering the patient with the atlas
    • MRML scene registering the patient's anatomical MRI with the patient's DTI
    • MRML scene registering of precomputed tensor data for the patient's DTI

Bonus Materials

This is a subset of the data above, which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the tractography package in Slicer 3.4. Snapshots 1-4 demonstrate a progression of the analysis of the interrelation of the morphology and DTI.

  1. general view
  2. location of the precentral gyrus based the surface of the white matter
  3. peritumoral seeding of tractography: The general appearance is that of a "ball of spaghettis" with two tentacles,
  4. exploration of the "tentacles": fiducial based seeding in the cerebral peduncle and in the vicinity of Brocca's area reveal potential corticospinal tract and acuate fasciculus

Software Installation Instructions

Go to the Slicer3 Install site.