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The LEGO robot and phantom
Example tutorial screenshot

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LEGO Image Guided Therapy and Medical Robotics Tutorial


This tutorial provides a thorough understanding of the main concepts in image-guided therapy and medical robotics, namely imaging, pre-operative planning, targeting by tracking, navigation and registration. The tutorial is open-source and completely free for anyone to use or modify (see for details and for the BSD style open source license).

The tutorial is:

  • Hands-on: Using a LEGO robot, a LEGO phantom (anatomical model) and a tutorial module in 3D Slicer v. 3 means that tutorial participants can use real physical equipment and software to learn about IGT and medical robotics.
  • Accessible: The tutorial software is open-source, and the cost of the materials is approximately $300 USD + shipping and taxes.

Tutorial Materials:

Provided by NA-MIC and the Surgical Planning Lab:

  • 3D Slicer v. 3 tutorial module
  • CT volume of the phantom
  • Tutorial slides
  • Assembly instructions for the robot and the phantom
  • Phantom placement guide

Provided by tutorial participants:

  • 1 LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit
  • 1 LEGO Deluxe Brick box
  • 2 pom-poms
  • Linux computer with root access or Windows with administrator privileges

For purchasing information for user-supplied materials, see the "Tutorial Slides Part 1 - Background and Materials" slides.

Getting the Tutorial Materials:

Click on the following links to get the tutorial materials:

  • 3D Slicer LEGO tutorial module (including code to interface between a LEGO robot and a C++ program): Available on the NA-MIC Sandbox - access online or through the NA-MIC subversion system

Software Installation Instructions



Danielle Pace, Surgical Planning Lab and Robarts Research Institute

Ron Kikinis, Surgical Planning Lab

Nobuhiko Hata, Surgical Planning Lab

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