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Planning meeting for NA-MIC DBP on adaptive radiotherapy.

DBP project (core)

  • Update literature review
  • Quantify anatomic differences
  • Delivered vs. planned comparison
  • Delivered vs. adaptive comparison

DBP project (wishlist)

  • IMRT vs. proton comparison

Engineering (core)

  • Labelmap that can handle overlapping structures
  • Visualization of RT dose (2D, as isodose lines, with legend)
  • DICOM improvements (CT, DICOM-RT)
  • Dose volume histograms
  • MRML node for registration
  • MRML node for patient demographics
  • Better support for extensions

Engineering (wishlist)

  • Editor enhancements
  • Unevely spaced CT
  • Vector field visualization
  • DICOM Network I/O
  • 3D visualization (Shadie)

Algorithms (core)

  • Evaluation of registration results
  • Interactive registration (landmark splines)
  • Automatic segmentation (atlas-based)
  • Automatic segmentation (model-based)
  • Segmentation plugins for slicer

Algorithms (wishlist)

  • Contour interpolation methods for segmentation
  • Parameter-free registration
  • Regularized B-splines
  • B-splines with landmark constraints
  • B-splines with surface constraints
  • Image-free surface registration
  • Parallel optimization

Image data

  • Limited data for adaptive RT project (currently 3-5 cases)
  • More extensive data for automatic segmentation
  • Can start with treating post-therapy scan as an intermediate scan
  • For most cases, CT and MR are acquired
  • Initial plan: about 5 cases (pre and post, MR and CT), grow it to 50 over the next several months


  • Tutorials on the wiki (2 already exist)
  • User group meeting at AAPM
  • Presentation at a DBP conference for year 2
  • Hands-on teaching event for the DBP scientific community for year 3

Other agenda items

  • Regular meeting schedule
  • Suggestions for engineer
  • SVN access
  • Collaboration grant
  • Review of commercial tools


  • DBP: Greg Sharp, Annie Chan, Engineer (TBN), George Chen, Ken Westover, Rui Li, Nadya Shusharina
  • Algo: Polina Golland, Michal Depa, Allen Tannenbaum, Ivan Kolesov
  • Eng: Steve Pieper


Friday, November 12, 2010, 1-4pm.


Goitein Conference Room, Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center, MGH Campus

The Goitein room is on the first floor of the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center, immediately to your left at the far end of the inner lobby. There is an interactive map on the link below.