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OpenIGTLink provides a standardized mechanism for communications among computers and devices in operating rooms (OR) for wide variety of image-guided therapy (IGT) applications. Examples of such applications include:

  • Stereotactic surgical guidance using optical position sensor and medical image visualization software.
  • Intraoperative image guidance using real-time MRI and medical image visualization software
  • Robot-assisted intervention using robotic device and surgical planning software

See Applications section below for a list of research projects using OpenIGTLink.

OpenIGTLink is a set of digital messaging formats and rules (protocol) used for data exchange on a local area network (LAN). The specification of OpenIGTLink and its reference implementation, the OpenIGTLink Library, are available free of charge for any purpose including commercial use. An OpenIGTLink interface is available in popular medical image processing and visualization software 3D Slicer.

Recent updates.

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OpenIGTLink Version 2

Extended Protocols


Reference Library




OpenIGTLink has been used in a number of research projects. Here are some examples:

Please see the list of hardware that supports the OpenIGTLink Protocol.


  • Studies using OpenIGTLink
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    • Egger J, Tokuda J, Chauvin L, Freisleben B, Nimsky C, Kapur T, Wells W. Integration of the OpenIGTLink Network Protocol for image-guided therapy with the medical platform MeVisLab, Int J Med Robot Article first published online: 28 FEB 2012 DOI: 10.1002/rcs.1415



New BSD license ©2008 Insight Software Consortium

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