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The OpenIGTLink protocol is simple but extensible data format and protocol for seamless network communication among software and devices used in image-guided therapy (IGT) including surgical navigation software, tracking devices, robotic devices, and imaging scanners. The OpenIGTLink protocol is supported in NA-MIC's medical image processing and visualization platform 3D Slicer.

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The OpenIGTLink protocol was originally developed in 2008. Currently, the extended protocol is being drafted and will be released as protocol version 2 early 2011. The OpenIGTLink protocol is backward compatible, in the sense that all messages generated by software with OpenIGTLink version 1 interfaces can be imported by software with version 2 interfaces.

Version 1

Version 2 (in draft)

Extended Protocols


Reference Library

Interfaces / Software


Please see the list of hardware that support The OpenIGTLink Protocol.





New BSD license ©2008 Insight Software Consortium

Mailing List / Contact

We are launching the OpenIGTLink mailing list ( If you would like to join, please subscribe from OpenIGTLink ML Info Page or send Junichi Tokuda (tokuda at a message with:

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