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Kitware Team

  • Sebastien Barre - Workflow manager - 50%
  • Julien Finet - Chart/Plot export - work in // with vtkChart folks - 10%
  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Project Lead) - Infrastructure / Python - 50%
  • Danielle Pace - Workflow manager - 100%

Unassigned Items

lists tasks that need to be done

Work in Progress


Current - week 7
week 6
Comments and suggestions associated with EMSegment-QtPort preview
week 5
week 4
week 3
week 2
week 1
Review list of widget and prioritize.


Work with Danielle on the workflow manager


Current - Week 7
Week 6
Week 5
Graph panel design
Week 4
Charts now work in CTK
Week 3
Week 2
Marcus (Kitware Inc.) has finished a pass on the design of vtkCharts (VTK trunk).
A local branch ( has been forked.
Added minor improvements/bug fixes into the VTK charts (on wait for contributing back to VTK trunk).
Week 1
Discuss with vtkChart folks and see how existing CTK Charting [1] classes can be moved to VTKChart [2]


Current - Week7
Define python task skeleton
Refine Anatomical tree widget
Work with Danielle to integrate workflow manager
Week 5
Update anatomical tree to support editing of label + support of update checkbox
connect workflow manager
port the validation code
Week 4
Port dynamic list of Input Channels to Qt. See DynamicListOfInputChannel
Review workflowManager and integrate to CTK
Initial port of Anatomical tree widget
Week 3
Define a clear agenda for the August 9th meeting
Enable CTK/PythonQt wrapping of QtModules (Gui, UITools, ... ). See 14448, 14449, CTK
Week 2
Update QtModule to use EMSegment libraries. See 14250, 14251
Setup a priority list for the widget for Kilian to edit. See List of widget to prioritize
Updated logic to initialize properly. See 14353
Design static UI panel
Created corresponding UI files, header and cxx files. See 14350
Port Task selector to Qt. See TaskSelector
Week 1
Create initial directory structure and QtModule skeleton. See 14138
Review UI - Added help and button (next, back, etc..) See 14195
Write down Developer page
Milestones for project at next weeks meeting. See Projects:ARRA:SlicerEM:Developer#Milestones
Review which widgets should be converted. See Projects:ARRA:SlicerEM:Developer:WidgetsToPort
Convert EMSegment/{Algorithm,Graph,MRML,Registration} to shared library. See 14245, 14428, 14258


Current - Week7
RunSegmentation panel
Finish integrating workflow manager with Qt designer
Week 5
Started to port RunSegmentation panel (complete with the exception of the ROI widget)
Started to integrate workflow manager with Qt Designer
Port DefinePreprocessing panel (without tcl scripts)
Ported "startSegmentation" mechanism.
Integrate workflow manager into EMSegment module
Enable branching workflows in workflow manager, for use with "simple" and "advanced" EM Segment workflows
Week 4
Integrate workflow manager into EMSegment module
jumping directly to "finish" state
Week 3
Should provide a high-level and a low-level API
The High-level API should be very simple
All method related to QState should be protected.
Add a method lastStep()
Make sure it's possible to configure step (Test associated with button, should Next be enabled)
Remove any UI related function from CTKCore
Review API to review API validateForward / validateBackward / enter / exit
Specify validation, entryProcessing, exitProcessing, populateStepWidgetsList, showUI, hideUI function for custom steps via signal-slot mechanism, instead of requiring derivation of ctkWorkflowStep
allow user to set layouts instead of hard-coding the layout type
testing for ctkWorkflowManager / ctkWorkflowStep / ctkWorkflowWidget
example for using the workflow manager
Week 2
Develop the skeleton / API of the ctkWorkflowManager / ctkWorkflowStep / ctkWorkflowWidget
Implement core functionality of ctkWorkflowManager / ctkWorkflowStep / ctkWorkflowWidget
ctkWorkflowWidget convenience class with integrated Back/Next/Finish buttons
Clean up code, documentation - See WorkflowManager
Week 1
Get familiar with Git and how to contribute to CTK
Evaluate QtStateMachine and identify what are its limitation


Current - Week7
Week 5
Create a widget qMRMLLabelComboBox able to display a vtkMRMLTableColorNode. See 14702
Compile slicer
Start to port vtkMRMLColoreTableNode selector

Team meeting

lists the team meeting and includes a pointer to the associated notes




Please note that the current list may be refined

  • July 16th
    • Create QtModule skeleton
    • Write developer documentation
  • July 23th
    • Factor out EMSegment{Algorithm, Graph, MRML, Registration} libraries
    • Workflow manager: Class skeletons (ctkWorkflowManager, ctkWorkflowStep)
  • September 10th
    • Polish
    • Review Doxygen, Style

Project components

Development environment

Contributing to CTK

  • Each developer should fork CTK official repository ( Doing so will allow to:
    • backup its work before integration with CTK master.
    • publish and share its work
  • WorkflowManager code should be added to ctkWorkflowManager branch.

Working on Slicer / CTK in parallel

  • Step1: Build slicer following these instruction. Enable both Slicer3_USE_KWWIDGETS and Slicer3_USE_QT.
  • Step2: Create a github user [4] and fork CTK (
  • Step3: Build CTK - See these instructions - Consider also the instruction below to configure CTK as expected by Slicer
    • Make sure you set the following options
      • PluginFramework should be disable: CTK_LIB_PluginFramework:BOOL=OFF and CTK_PLUGIN_org.commontk.eventbus:BOOL=OFF
      • Enable VTK: CTK_LIB_Visualization/VTK/Widgets:BOOL=ON, VTK_DIR:PATH=<SlicerVTK_Binary_DIR>
cd MyProjects
git clone
mkdir CTK-Superbuild
cd CTK-Superbuild
ccmake -DCTK_LIB_PluginFramework:BOOL=OFF -DCTK_PLUGIN_org.commontk.eventbus:BOOL=OFF -DCTK_LIB_Visualization/VTK/Widgets:BOOL=ON -DVTK_DIR:PATH=/home/me/MyProjects/Slicer3-SuperBuild/VTK-build ../CTK
  • Step4: Re-configure slicer4 passing CTK_DIR
cd MyProjects/Slicer3-Superbuild
ccmake -DCTK_DIR:PATH=/home/me/MyProjects/CTK-Superbuild .

EMSegment source code

  • The name of the Qt module is EMSegment.
  • The associated source code, hosted on slicer3 repository (trunk) is located in the following directory: /QTModules/EMSegment
  • Every commit related to EMSegment should be prefixed with either:
    • ENH: EMSegment - <Message summary>
    • COMP: EMSegment - <Message summary>
    • BUG: EMSegment - <Message summary>
    • STYLE: EMSegment - <Message summary>

Coding Style

Future idea / improvements