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Slicer 4: general GUI

  • "flicker bug": when moving cursor out of FOV, the app locks up for seconds to minutes displaying "flicker" in the magnifying view. -> known & reported in Mantis
  • GUI: does not highlight bottom parts of pulldown menu (e.g. rename volume). Very non-intuitive behavior that makes it difficult for the user to know what was actually selected from the menu. -> known & reported in Mantis
  • Data module: MRML viewpanel really needs to be bigger and resizable! Very cumbersome to navigate once more than 4 pieces of data are loaded. -> known & reported in Mantis

Slicer 4: Registration modules

  • move old versions to a "Legacy" menu: Fast Rigid, Fast Affine, Fast NonrigidBSpline -> done.
  • cannot yet test ACPC module and Fiducial Registration module, since main "Fiducials" menu is not yet avail. -> fiducials are now under "Annotations"
  • crash when moving volumes in MRML tree
  • crash when adjusting slice views
  • BRAINSfit not yet implemented -> plan to implement as statically compiled module, using ITK4 beta. See RSNA devel. plan: [1]
  • Main functionality testing:
    • fast affine: ok
    • fast rigid: ok
    • fast BSpline: ok
    • expert auto:
      • "Apply" button does not dim when clicked & reg. is running -> known & reported in Mantis
      • progress bars not functional
      • Expert Auto Rigid: ok
      • Expert Auto Affine: ok
      • Expert Auto PipelineRigid:
      • Expert Auto PipelineAffine:
      • Expert Auto BSpline:
      • Expert Auto PipelineBSpline:

Slicer 4 Registration Demo Case for RSNA