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Key Investigators

Alex Yarmakovich, Jorge Onieva, Raul San Jose (Brigham and Women's Hospital)

Project Description

The Chest Imaging Platform (CIP) is a general purpose library for analysis of chest images for the characterization of chronic lung diseases. SlicerCIP is the Slicer Extension that interface with CIP and provide access to the CLI toolkit and integrated clinical workflows.


  • Integrate SlicerCIP as an Extension
    • Full distribution of CIP and SlicerCIP as an extension
  • Discuss with the Slicer community different requirements of SlicerCIP
    • Update of Teem to the new release.
    • Enhancing Slicer python with new modules.

Approach, Plan

  • Explore SlicerRT distribution model
  • Follow Extension tutorial


  • SlicerCIP builds against CIP and Slicer nightly.
  • Create an Extension SuperBuild.