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This is a list of key features in the Slicer software package. This list is not comprehensive, nor is it associated with the latest nightly build of Slicer; The purpose of this list is to give a new user a general idea of the vast array of features that Slicer supports. To see how these features are rolled up into applications, please visit this page that contains tutorials on how to executive different tasks and/or clinical research applications in Slicer. To see items that are new or highlights of the latest release of Slicer, please visit this page.

  • Input/Output:
    • Image: DICOM, NIfTI, Analyze, Meta, NRRD, MGZ...
    • Surface: vtk, vtp, stl, freesurfer, fiber bundle
  • Coordinate Systems: All Data is Patient-Referenced
  • Visualization: Volume Rendering, Surfaces, Slices Planes, Clipping, Volume Overlays...
  • Filtering: Denoising, Nonlinear/Aniostropic Smoothing, Format Conversion
  • Registration: Multimodal (e.g. CT/MR), Rigid, Affine, BSpline. Apply Transforms to other volumes.
  • Segmentation: Manual Editor, Semi-Automated (Region Growing), Statistical Classifiers, Atlas Based
  • Diffusion Imaging: DICOM Import, Tensor Tools, Tractography
  • Quantification: Volume Measurements, Points, Lines
  • Real-time: Networked Trackers and Volume I/O
  • Other
    • Meshing
    • Fiducials
    • Batch Processing
    • Remote Data I/O
    • Extensible in C++/Tcl/Python
    • Slicer Daemon