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Slicer3 is used to perform meaningful research tasks. As part of the NA-MIC Training Core activities we are building a curated portfolio of tutorials for the basic functions and specialized functionality available in Slicer. Our current portfolio of tutorials as well as tutorials that were developed in past contests are posted on the NA-MIC training compendium.

Tutorial Contest Goal

The primary purpose of this contest is to enrich the training materials that are available to end-users and developers using 3D Slicer and the NA-MIC kit. We believe contestants will be motivated to participate to enhance the dissemination of their own algorithms that they have incorporated into the Slicer3 platform and/or to enhance training of Slicer3 functionality for their own laboratory groups.

There will be three categories:

Entries in each category require the following material:

  • scientific background and application motivation
  • step-by-step instructions
  • anonymized sampel dataset


  • Tutorial must be based on the March 2011 Slicer3.6.3 release or on Slicer4.
  • To enter the contest, you must provide a version of the tutorial that works on all supported platforms (Mac,Windows,Linux)+.
  • Tutorial and all of its components (data, powerpoints/pdfs, additional modules etc.) must be released under the Slicer license
  • Tutorial data must be anonymized
  • Tutorial must include contact information of the primary author (e-mail and phone number)
  • Tutorial must follow the guidelines specified above and use the tutorial template.
  • If applicable, the tutorial must provide clear directions for downloading and installing additional modules

+Applicants will work with the NA-MIC Training and Dissemination Cores in advance to do the multi-platform testing.

Submission Dead-line and Presentation

NEW Submission dead-line: Monday June 13, 2011

  • Submission process: to enter the contest, please follow the 5 steps below:
    • 1. Create a wiki page for your tutorial on the NA-MIC wiki.
    • 2. Upload your slides and tutorial dataset. Your tutorial and data must be named as 'TutorialName_TutorialContestSummer2011.pdf' and ''
    • 3. Add a link to the uploaded tutorial and datasets on your tutorial page.
    • 4. Enter the results of your cross-platform testing (Mac, Windows XP &7, Linux 64, Linux 32) in the Summer 2011 test table .
    • 5. Once you have completed step 1-4, add a link to your tutorial page in the list below and send a notification email to Sonia Pujol (spujol at to receive a confirmation of your submission.
  • Presentation at the NA-MIC Project week: Brief highlights of tutorials will be presented by the authors at 3 pm on Tuesday June 21 at the Summer 2011 Project Week. Each presentation should be 10-minute summary of the submission.

List of submitted tutorials

  1. UCLA Automatic Segmentation of Traumatic Brain Injury Using ABC
  2. UNC ShapeAnalysisModule
  3. UNC shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard
  4. Plastimatch Dose Warping
  5. BRAINSCut Tutorial for human brain sub-cortical segmentation
  6. Non-rigid registration of pre-procedural MRI and intra-procedural CT for CT-guided cryoablation therapy of liver cancer (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  7. DTIPrep Tutorial
  8. EMSegmenter_End_User_Tasks


  • William (Sandy) Wells
  • Noby Hata
  • Dominik Meier
  • Sonia Pujol
  • Randy Gollub

Judging will be done immediately following the presentations and winners will be announced Wednesday at 12:45 PM in the Grier Room.

To see the list of Summer 2010 Tutorial Contest Winners, please follow this link