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very interesting

The workshop was organized very well. It is amazing how the presenters managed to fit all the material in these two days! I have separate comments on day 1 and day 2.

Day 1. My background is computer science, and my knowledge of image processing and medical applications is nearly 0. My impression is that the Slicer tutorial (except the first few and the last sessions, maybe) was oriented on those, who are familiar with the tool, and want to make more use out of it. I was totally confused by the DT-MRI presentation. But I assume that session was not oriented on newbies. The last session about developer tools was very interesting! I can suggest yet another tool, which is used for browsing through huge code: It is used for Linux kernel, but can be adopted for any software.

Day 2. Absolutely great! There are so many concepts and ideas in ITK, and Louis managed to talk about everything, go through the exercises and answer questions! Excellent introduction to ITK! Also, it's very good that the slides are available online -- please, do not remove them.

Overall, speakers were well-prepared and I am very happy I attended the workshop. Thanks, organizers!

IMHO, it'd be great to have first a day or two on ITK/VTK, and then the rest for Slicer.

Excellent workshop

The workshop was organized very well. I only attended Day 2. The ITK content was presented by the speaker with examples which are excellent. It could be better if we had more days for the workshop.

great intro...

I learned a lot at the workshop, but I will definetely have to review the slides and digest everything. I would have prefered another day in more detail integrating the topics of the first two days, making and using GUIs in Slicer, accessing and manipulating the loaded images, and more Slicer coding examples; overal more depth into Slicer developing. Maybe the original organization (first day: ITK/VTK, second day: Slicer)would have sufficed.

Otherwise I was impressed by all the content that was covered, and the quality of the presentations. The presenters did a fine job.

itk/slicer material

The workshop was very nice. Much of the information presented for ITK is supported by more details available in the ITK users guide and the Insight book. It would be good to give course attendants copies of these books too.

slicer doesn't appear to have a good book or design documentation. It would be good to write a design document explaining the APIs it presents and the rationale for the current design.