Training:Workshop Sept16 2005 Attendee List

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  1. Xiao Han (Martinos Center,MGH)*
  2. Stephen Whalen (BWH)
  3. Eve Valera (Martinos Center, MGH)
  4. Ava Senkfor (Martinos Center, MGH)
  5. Nathan Parks (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  6. Xiaodong Tao (GE CRD)
  7. Cristina Granzie( Martinos Center, MGH)
  8. Yanping Sun (BWH)
  9. Fa-Hsuan Lin (Martinos Center, MGH)
  10. Brian T. Quinn (Martinos Center, MGH)*
  11. Silvester Czanner (Martinos Center, MGH)*
  12. Barry Kosofsky (Cornell University)
  13. Christina Liu (Martinos Center, MGH)
  14. Josh Snyder (Martinos Center, MGH)*
  15. Julie Bates (Martinos Center, MGH)
  16. Saul Miller (Martinos-Center, MGH)
  17. Michelle Perry (UCSD)*
  18. Nathanel Hevelone (Martinos Center, MGH)
  19. David Salat (Martinos Center, MGH)*
  20. Vasanth Pappu (Martinos Center, MGH)
  21. Daniel Goldman (Martinos Center, NGH)
  22. Brad Dickerson (Martinos Center, MGH and BWH)*
  23. Nick Schmansky (Martinos Center, MGH)*
  24. Marianna Jakab (SPL, BWH)*

People with a * after their name are assisting in the training of other attendees.

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